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Top Tips for Mobile Casino Play

Although desktops and laptop computers have been with us for many years, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are now the gaming instruments of choice for many online casino players around the world. Even though playing the games on your handy phone is very straightforward, today we thought to have a look at some tips and tricks to ensure you get the best casino experience from your mobile device.

Check The Quality of the Games you want to Play


This may sound like a no-brainer. Yet it's important that one of the first steps taken when deciding whether you want to make the move from PC to mobile is to check whether your game of choice offers an enjoyable experience on your phone. This is because one of the major factors that affect the game’s play-ability is that you're going to be viewing it on a much smaller screen. Ideally, you want a game that has been fully adapted and optimised for the much smaller screen footprint. In some cases, this may mean that the game is streamed in a lower resolution and with some aspects more suited to your laptop or PC removed.


Another consideration is whether the casino actually offers your favourite game on a mobile platform. If you head over to the games lobby of any online casino, you'll be met with a huge variety of available games. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are all available to play via your mobile phone. There may be some games that simply cannot be redesigned for a mobile device due to the limitations of screen size. In such cases, the game’s producer will not offer a mobile version.


Ensure Your Phone Can Handle the Game


It's always a good idea to check the specifications of your mobile device against the minimum requirements listed on the casino’s website. After all, there’s no point in signing up and making a deposit only to discover that your game of choice cannot be streamed to your mobile. Although most of today's smartphones are perfectly capable of handling anything that's thrown at them, if you happen to rock a lower-end phone, then it may not be able to run some of the games you’d like to play. Furthermore, even if you can run the games, you might find them very laggy. Without a powerful enough phone, the whole experience might be less than satisfactory.


It's probably a good idea that you upgrade your lower-end phone to a modern smartphone before you start playing online casino games. Because cheaper phones tend to be made of cheaper parts, with much lower hardware specifications, then they may struggle to handle the processing needed in order to generate a smooth gameplay. If you already have a mid-level or high-end device, then you should find no performance issues with the vast majority of games.


Use a Stable Mobile Internet Connection or Wi-Fi


Enjoying a great playing experience will depend on having a stable and secure internet connection. Nothing is going to drive you to madness faster than playing a game that keeps dropping or maybe even disconnecting from the internet entirely. This may not be a huge problem during the vast majority of gameplay, but on a more serious note, having your gaming stream cut off mid-play could lead to you losing money. This is especially true with games that have a time limit. In such situations, when your hard-earned cash is on the line, you may find your blood pressure will rise to stratospheric levels if your internet connection drops at a crucial online poker turn or during a time-limited bonus game.


In truth, it’s possible that such problems can also affect fixed devices as well. Nevertheless, it's important that if you're a mobile casino gamer, then you should pay attention to the wireless connection including such things as the limits on available mobile data or Wi-Fi.


Verify the Casino is Licensed for Your Region


Many online casinos will happily allow you to download the app and make a deposit into your new casino account. Yet you may be less than impressed to discover that you are unable to withdraw your winnings because the online casino doesn't have the relevant licence required for your particular region. Here at Queenplay Casino, we are sticklers for players reading through the terms and conditions of the site in question before signing up. Furthermore, if you scroll down to the bottom of the site’s welcome page, you should see the relevant licence listed. Just make sure it covers the region where you live.


Assess how the Casino Protects Your Data


As you are going to be playing online with your mobile, it's essential that you ensure that the casino is taking online security seriously. If it’s anything less than perfect, then when you're sending both your personal and banking details over the internet, you may inadvertently be sharing this information with uninvited third parties. We recommend that when you're looking over a potential website on which to play with your mobile, you ask yourself the following questions:


  • Is there a secure connection the moment you visit the casino website?
  • On registration, are you asked to sign up with an email address or mobile number?
  • What’s the authentication process?
  • Which payment options are available?
  • Is there 24/7 live chat support?


Test the Website and App


Many online casinos today offer mobile players the possibility of playing directly on their website through your browser or using a dedicated app.


If you choose to play using your browser then ensure that the design is optimised to the screen size of your mobile device. On the whole, all top websites like Queenplay Casino will have no problem in this respect. However, you may well find some older or poorly designed websites are not very responsive. This makes the gaming experience almost impossible and certainly very frustrating to use your mobile.


Following on from this it's important at the website performs correctly and the games run properly. Keep in mind that even if the website performs well, some individual games may not.


Today more online casino websites are encouraging players to play directly within their web browser. If there is an option to download a casino app, don't assume that just because the blurb says it's designed for your phone, it's going to run well. Before making use of any gambling app, it's essential that you test it out first before you start spending any money. It's quite possible that, even though a casino website may claim the game is optimised for your phone, it still does not run well and leads to poor performance and even phone crashes.


Make The Most of Bonus Offers


All top reputable casinos like Queenplay Casino will offer new customers a welcome bonus as a matter of course. However, it's important that you spend time reading through the bonus terms and conditions. These will explain the hoops you need to jump through in order to cash out any winnings you might make. By knowing all the conditions needed, you'll avoid any possible disappointments.


Here at Queenplay Casino, we've spent considerable time and effort to ensure that our mobile playing experience is second to none. Whether you enjoy playing on the go or prefer sitting at your computer or laptop, our huge selection of games, including the live dealer casino, can all be enjoyed seamlessly on any type of modern device.




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