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Women’s Casino Fashion – What to Wear on the Casino Floor

Planning a night out at a casino is hugely exciting, and part of the fun is certainly deciding what to wear. If your knowledge of casinos primarily comes from films, then you will be used to seeing women in designer dresses and men in tuxedoes.

While not every casino will have a dress code, many do. It is important to honour the dress code out of respect for both the casino and for the other gamblers. The more high-end the casino you visit, the more likely there is to be a dress code. This is particularly true in Europe where many casinos have long and proud histories.

You should not only adhere to the dress code out of respect, but also to ensure that you can fully enjoy your time. You do not want to feel out of place, either because you are overdressed or underdressed. If you are worried about what to wear, then in this guide you will find all the information you need to  make sure that you turn up to the casino looking your best.

How to Prepare for Your First Casino Visit

Queenplay casino - how to prepare for your first visit

The first thing you need to do is visit the casino website and take a look at its dress code. As noted, not all casinos will have dress codes but many do. Even if your chosen casino doesn’t have a dress code, there are still a few basic principles that it is always a good idea to follow.

In regards to footwear, never wear flip-flops and if you are going to wear trainers/sneakers, make sure that they are clean and presentable (but ideally, they should be avoided). In fact, generally, you should not be wearing old, dirty or worn-out clothes.

However, casinos tend to be less formal during the daytime than at night. Therefore, if you are going in the evening you should always wear something a bit more formal, such as a blouse or formal top. Furthermore, if the casino has any nightclubs, restaurants or lounges attached, then you should check to see if they have any particular dress codes of their own, as otherwise you may be turned away.

As a general rule, the more high-dollar a casino is, the more effort you will have to put into your appearance.

Guide to a Stylish Casino Dress Code

queenplay Casino Dress Code

When you look at a casino’s website, you might find a number of different dress codes. There may be dress codes for the general floor, for tournaments, for lounges, for exclusive tables, for private events, and so on. You will see terms such as “business casual” or “black tie optional”, and these will tell you what you need to wear.

Here is an explanation of all of the different dress codes.

H3: What Should a Woman Wear to a White Tie Event?

White Tie is a special category of formalwear that is sometimes referred to as Full Evening Dress. In western fashion, it is the most formal style of dress and it can trace its roots back to the late eighteenth century.

Today, it is rare to come across white tie events; it is normally reserved for state dinners, major prize ceremonies, royal events, and very formal parties. Furthermore, you are highly unlikely to visit a casino that requires it. On the other hand, you may be invited to a private white tie event at a casino.

For women, white tie means wearing a floor length gown or ball gown together with elegant jewellery and accompanied by a small purse, such as a clutch bag. Long white gloves are optional, as are accessories such as tiaras or fur wraps.

What Does a Mean for a Woman?

Black Tie is slightly less formal than White Tie, but it is still very formal. It has its origins in the invention of the tuxedo in the 1880s, which at the time was considered a relaxed style of dress. By tradition, black tie is only worn after 6pm, and it is sometimes referred to as semi-formal. Black tie events are quite common, and if you are going to a special event at a casino, then it would not be surprising for black tie to be the dress code.

Over the years, the requirement for women for black tie has changed a lot. Some would say that today the only real requirement is evening shoes. However, most would agree that a floor-length gown is ideal while a tasteful cocktail dress may also be appropriate. If you prefer to avoid dresses, then a nicely tailored pantsuit is also an option. In regards to shoes, it is advised to stick with to evening shoes with a heel that have a classic rather than trendy design. Furthermore, dark and rich colours are preferred and there is no need for numerous or loud accessories.

What Is Black-Tie Optional Attire?

Black-Tie Optional Attire for women

Black Tie Optional is a dress code that has emerged in recent years. It essentially means that men can wear a tuxedo if they so wish, but if they do not own one and do not want to rent one, then they should just dress as formally as possible. It is very common to find this as the dress code at casino events and dinners.

In many ways, black tie optional is the same as black tie.  For women the major difference is that cocktail dresses are far more acceptable, as long as the hemline is not too short. As with black tie, ii is advised to stick to rich or neutral colours, such as black, white, metallic, burgundy, red or navy blue.

What is a Semi-Formal Dress Code?

Semi-Formal Dress Code queenplay

This category was invented for events that fall somewhere between informal and formal, for instance, those that take place in the morning. Contradictorily, the emphasis with women’s clothing in this category is on formality. However, there are far more options than in the previous categories and you do not have to change your clothes based upon the time of day.

For women it includes shorter dresses and cocktail dresses, especially the favourite ‘Little Black Dress’. Alternatively, it can mean an elegant long skirt with a nice blouse or top. Furthermore, there are more options in regards to shoes, heels, strappy sandals and flats are all acceptable. In the daytime, lighter colours are preferred while dark colours should be reserved for the evening.  

How to Wear Business Formal Attire?

How to Wear Business Formal Attire at Queenplay casino

Business formal basically means the clothes that you would wear to an office job on a day to day basis. It is slightly less formal than semiformal, but the difference is not always clear. It is a safe bet for any casino if you are not sure of the dress code. If it turns out to be more formal then you will probably still be accepted while if it is less formal, you won’t look overdressed. Furthermore, business formal clothing is comfortable, which means that it is ideal for a long night out.

In general, business formal for women means pencil skirts or other similarly conservative-length skirts with tights, slacks that are not too tight, blouses, blazers and jackets, and modest jewellery.

What Does Business Casual Mean for Women?

Business Casual look at Queenplay

Business Casual is by far the most common dress code category, at both casinos and elsewhere. It essentially means comfortable clothing that you would wear on a day-to-day basis while out and about. Clothing that makes you look nice, but not trying too hard. It is an excellent option if you are going to be visiting a casino on a regular day.

Essentially, business casual translates into skirts, trousers and khakis. There is no need to wear tights or stockings, and in regards to tops, collared shirts, blouses and sweaters are all acceptable. It is not advisable to show any cleavage or wear revealing clothing, while a sweater or a jacket should cover your shoulders.

What Casual Casino Clothing Can Women Wear?

What Casual Casino Clothing Can Women Wear?

Casual is the least formal of all dress codes. However, while it may sound like you can come dressed in whatever manner you wish, this is far from the case. You should not be wearing old clothes that look shabby. At the other end of the spectrum, you should not be wearing any of the formal clothing described above. Some people describe casual as an outfit that is suitable for a first date.

Casual clothing for women includes sundresses, skirts, khakis, jeans, plain t-shirts, polo shirts, turtlenecks, and less formal blouses. However, it is important that t-shirts do not have slogans and some casinos will not allow any t-shirts even when they advertise a casual dress code, so you should check this before visiting.

The Most Important Clothing Advice for Women

Get The Most Important Clothing Advice at Queenplay casino

Now that you understand the different types of dress codes, it is time to consider things a bit more practically. Nearly all modern casinos are casual places, so as long as you are not trying to enter the VIP sections or attend a special event, the casino is unlikely to care about what you are wearing, and this is even truer if you are actually gambling.

Therefore, the first thing you want to be sure of is that you are dressed comfortably. If you are the kind of person who likely to carry around a lot of props, such as strategy guides, notebooks and pencils, then you will need a bag that comfortably accommodates these. You should also consider temperature; many casinos are a bit cold on the inside, so you will want layers that you can easily remove if you do become too hot. In general, it is a good idea to avoid overly revealing clothing, clothes with offensive images or slogans, and any clothing that can be used to conceal your appearance.

If you are planning on visiting a VIP section or perhaps an upmarket restaurant in the casino resort, then you also need to take that in to account. There is nothing worse than being turned away for being inappropriately dressed, so make sure you have gone to the effort of checking the dress codes. Furthermore, if you are going in the evening then it is always best to assume that you have to dress up a bit. This could be as simple as changing your top or putting on a nicer pair of shoes, but it can make all the difference to how you feel in the environment.

If you are going on holiday to a casino resort, there are five pieces of clothing that it is always a good idea to pack:

  • A conservative cocktail dress – This simply means a dress with a slightly longer hem and with a neckline that isn’t too revealing. A dress that you think it would be appropriate to wear to a friend’s wedding is a good idea.
  • A sweater, wrap or pullover – You should have something that you can pull over your cocktail dress to make it appear a little more formal. Furthermore, it can be cold on casino floors, so you may find that you need it.
  • A pair of flats – You may spend a great deal of time on your feet and will greatly appreciate having comfortable footwear.
  • A nice pair of jeans – During the day there is no need to dress up too much, a nice pair of jeans will do the trick.
  • A blouse that is suitable for day and night – If you are planning on spending all day at the casino then you may want to wear something that is suitable at all times.

Examples of Casino Dress Codes for Women

Some famous casinos are known as being particular exclusive and for having strict dress codes. Here are a few examples of famous casinos and their dress codes.

Casino Monte-Carlo

Casino Monte-Carlo

While this may be one of Europe’s most famous casinos and known for being upscale, surprisingly, in the main room the dress code is simply “appropriate dress”. According to the casino’s website, this means no shorts and no flip-flops. However, in the casino’s private rooms it is a very different situation. In those rooms, you should follow the Business Formal guidelines, which means a nice blouse and skirt or a dress. After 8pm, things become even more formal, but there are no specific guidelines for women.

Venetian Macao

Venetian Macao

This is one of the biggest and busiest casinos in the world. It is popular with Chinese gamblers and there are many VIP players there at any given time. The casino’s dress code is strict about a few things. You cannot wear sunglasses, hats or shorts at any time, and footwear should be more formal, so no flip-flops or trainers. The Business Casual dress code is the most appropriate while in the evenings something more formal is suggested, such as a classy dress.

Casino Baden-Baden

Casino Baden-Baden

This elegant German casino has different dress code requirements for different games. If you are planning on playing the classic card and table games, such as poker, blackjack, roulette or baccarat, then you should dress tastefully but not extravagantly, somewhere between Black Tie Optional and Business Formal. This means dresses, skirts, or nice suits, with evening shoes.

Borgata Atlantic City

Borgata Atlantic City

Atlantic City’s Borgata does not have a strict dress code, but they do encourage dressing nicely. Furthermore, once you move off the casino floor to the restaurants then there is a stricter dress code with jeans and trainers banned. If you stick to this dress code on the casino floor then you may find that you get better service and you are also likely to feel as if you fit in better. Think of it as between Business Formal and Business Casual, which means longer skirts and heels. If you don’t have the right clothes, then it may be better to visit in the morning.  

ARIA Casino

ARIA Casino

The ARIA casino is one of the Las Vegas’ high-end resorts. However, there are no official rules for the casino floor. On the other hand, the staff have been known to look disapprovingly upon flip-flops and sandals, especially if they are older and particular if it is the evening. If you are planning to visit a restaurant, then men will be required to wear a coat but not a tie, which means that you should dress to match, with a cocktail dress or a nice blouse. If you stick to the business formal guidelines, then you should be fine for every occasion, whether gambling, eating, or going to see a show.

The Ritz Club

The Ritz Club

When you hear ‘The Ritz’ you are bound to think of luxury. The Ritz Club is the old ballroom at The Ritz London and it is only open to members. Due to its exclusivity and reputation, it is far more formal than many other casinos in regards to dress code. This means that you should follow the guidelines for semiformal or business formal. Trainers are not allowed while a cocktail dress or an elegant skirt is encouraged.

The Bank Nightclub at The Bellagio

The Bank Nightclub at The Bellagio

Despite being amongst the most famous casinos in the world, there is no dress code for the casino floor at the Bellagio. However, if you want to enter the casino’s exclusive nightclub, The Bank, then you will need to dress up. While the website does not have a dress code for women, men are required to “wear a collared shirt and / or sport coat to The Bank. Always be mindful of wearing nicer shoes and avoid anything that can be considered sportswear: track jackets, jerseys, sports shoes, hats, etc.” As such, women will want to make sure that they match the atmosphere.

Dress as You Wish When Playing Online

Of course, while dressing up can be a huge amount of fun, there is no denying that it can also be an inconvenience when you want to just play and have fun. That is one of the major advantages of playing at an online casino such as Queenplay. You can enjoy exactly the same range of games, and in fact, even more than land casinos offer, while wearing anything you like. Even if you are playing at our live casino, which provides the same classy atmosphere as a top-land casino, you can do so in your pyjamas, loungewear, or in any state of dress or undress that you desire.

Dress as You Wish When Playing Online


Dressing up for a visit to a casino is a huge amount of fun, whether you are going for a night with friends, a weekend away at a resort, or anything else. While what you wear does require consideration, especially if you want to visit VIP rooms, restaurants or clubs, it is not very complicated and it is unlikely that you will have to go and buy any special clothes. In the other hand, it can be a fantastic excuse to hit the shops and treat yourself to something special.


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