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Top 10 Oldest Casinos in the World

As you might expect, gambling in casinos has been around for hundreds of years. In the US, casinos like the legendary Riviera come and go over the decades as gamblers’ preferences change and times move on.

Still, you should know that the history of casinos didn't start in America. The first casinos to become famous were, in fact, founded in Europe long before US cities like Las Vegas became one of the top gaming destinations in the world.

After all, you can find casinos on every continent except Antarctica, and many have been operating longer than you can imagine.

So, to start listing the top 10 oldest casinos in the world, we'll kick off this short history lesson with the "youngest" of the bunch and finish with the granddaddy of them all.

10 - Caesar’s Palace

Who hasn't heard of Caesar’s Palace, right? If you've never traveled to Las Vegas, you absolutely have to visit Caesar’s Palace at least once, so you can see for yourself what makes it such a unique gambling destination.

Initially founded in 1966, the casino's atmosphere and décor reflect the lavish splendor of ancient Rome, and anyone who's actually gambled on the gaming floor will agree. Inside Caesar's Palace, you'll find works of art, marble statues, and much more.

Acclaimed entertainers like Sammy Davis Jr., Andy Williams, Diana Ross, Tony Bennett, “old blue eyes” himself, Frank Sinatra, performed at the casino’s amphitheater, Circus Maximus. But these days, we know the same venue as the Colosseum, and it’s still hosting top-class events every year.


9 - Tropicana 

Not to be outdone by Caesar’s Palace, Tropicana was founded in 1957 as one of the five original casinos in Las Vegas, along with Caesars Palace and a handful of others.

The legend goes that Tropicana’s founding had something to do with the mob, but today, no one knows whether or not it’s merely an urban legend or if there's a grain of truth or two to the story.

After all, these gentlemen “businessmen” didn’t exactly leave detailed documents behind, showing what they were actually up to in Las Vegas.

Either way, the casino was gorgeous in its prime, but since the land ownership and building keeps changing hands, no one knows what will become of the casino over the next couple of years.


8 - Crockfords Club

Like Tropicana, the Crockfords Club in London also has an allegedly dubious history. Officially, the casino opened in 1959, but the story of its founder goes back all the way back to the late 1800s.

In fact, the site of the casino used to be a gentleman's club of questionable repute, yet today's version of the casino is a far cry from its supposed shady origins.

Now, Crockfords Club welcomes thousands upon thousands of visitors every year when there's not a pandemic going on, that is. Overall, it's England's most celebrated old casino.


7 - The Flamingo

Originally named after Bugsy Siegel's girlfriend and established in 1946, The Flamingo is one and the same with the start of legalized gambling in Nevada.

No matter where you go, you'll come across plenty of mobster lore in Las Vegas, and some claims are more far-fetched than others. But The Flamingo's funding does, in fact, link back to the organized crime of the early 20th century, according to

Ultimately, the casino's ownership changed hands several times. Still, the resort keeps attracting visitors from all over the world, and it's one of Las Vegas' most historic casinos.


6 - The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate was established in 1931 in Las Vegas, but it was actually the casino's second opening. A man named John F. Miller purchased the casino in 1905 for the measly sum of a couple of thousand dollars, which wasn't exactly pocket change at the time.

Still, the state of Nevada's ban on gambling in 1909 is what initially delayed the casino's official launch. Still, eventually, the party started with plenty of fanfare around 1930 before the Great Depression, and World War II  came along.


5 - Casinò di Campione

Located in Switzerland and established in 1917, the Casinò di Campione was actually operated by the Italian government despite being located in a different country.

Some say that the casino’s founding purpose was intelligence gathering during World War I as diplomats from all over the world would regularly congregate there.

Whether or not this legend is true, the casino remains one of the most famed and notable landmarks in the entire country.


4 - Casino de Monte-Carlo

The Casino de Monte-Carlo owes its fame to Princess Caroline of the House of Grimaldi, who helped establish the casino in 1856, so the fledgling nation of Monaco wouldn't go belly up with debt.

But the casino that still stands today was founded in 1863, and it's become more infamous than Princess Caroline could've ever dreamt of.

For instance, the casino was the site of the legendary Monte-Carlo fallacy, the ultimate round of roulette that snowballed into a gambling frenzy you wouldn't believe.

Certainly, were it not for Princess Caroline’s patronage, the Casino de Monte-Carlo wouldn't have survived, and it also wouldn't have the same reputation as a getaway for the rich and famous and high-stakes gaming.


3 - Kurhaus of Baden-Baden

Built somewhere around 1821 before Monaco decided to go all-in with government-sanctioned gambling, the Kurhaus of Baden-Baden is Germany's oldest casino.

Recently chosen as the site for a NATO summit in 2009, what's most striking about this casino is its quaint, small stature, which is typical of the casinos during that era.

But today, the casino features its own spa garden and a small concert hall as well as a reputation for being one of the most expensive casinos in the world, even more lavish than the Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco.


2 - Casino de Spa

This casino is located in the tiny country of Belgium, but its history is anything but small. Established in 1763, the Casino de Spa is now synonymous with gaming in Belgium.

As you might expect, the original idea was to create and get away for the wealthy, looking for a more exclusive kind of entertainment and atmosphere.

This angle sounds familiar, doesn't it? If it doesn't, it should because that's precisely the appeal of luxury casinos to this very day. The idea was, and still is, to attract affluent clientele willing to risk high-stakes gambling.


1 - Casino de Venezia

Finally, we come to the oldest casino in the world, so drum roll, please!

It's the Casino de Venezia founded in 1638. Otherwise known as Venice to Americans, Venezia is one of the unique cities on the planet with canals instead of streets.

Like other casinos of the era, it appealed mainly to the aristocracy and high-class Italians, looking for an exclusive experience.

Located along the Grand Canal Ca' Vendramin Calergi in the Caranreggio district, the structure itself showcases Renaissance-style architecture, and you might recognize the casino from several different movies like Casino Royale and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, to name a few.

Overall, those casinos are the oldest in the world, so if you ever get a chance to visit them, make sure you soak up the ambiance and truly enjoy yourself because it'll be an experience you'll never forget.

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