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Tips for Playing Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the most famous and popular of casino table games. Crowds are often drawn to watch the ball inside the spinning wheel decide players’ fates. The game is based upon a simple principle, but lends itself to many different strategies. Here we bring you some tips to help you get the most you possibly can from online Roulette play.

Understand the Main Roulette Variants

When playing roulette at Queenplay online, you will most likely come across three main versions of Roulette, European Roulette, American Roulette and French Roulette

European and French Roulette are played with a wheel that has 37 numbered segments, from 0 to 36 inclusive. American Roulette wheels have an extra segment, a 00. The extra segment on the American Roulette wheel increases the house edge; however, it also increases the betting options and some versions of the game offer bigger payouts.

In many ways, French and European Roulette are identical. There are just two differences that you should be aware of. First, French Roulette games tend to use French betting terms. Second, French Roulette has a special rule called La Partage that states that half of all even money bets are returned if the ball lands on zero, which of course lowers the house edge.

In general, it is a good idea to play games with as small a house edge as possible, as this will give you the best chance of winning. Therefore, European and French Roulette are the games that you should be focused on, unless you really want to use a betting strategy that uses the 00 segment.

Examine the Odds Carefully

You are no doubt aware that there are many different types of bets in Roulette. One mistake that newcomers often make is to always bet on specific numbers as this offers the largest payout. However, it is the hardest bet to win. The more numbers that you bet on with a single chip, the higher your chances of winning (even if the payout is not particularly large). This means that you should really be focusing on the outside bets, those that cover rows, columns, reds, blacks, odds, evens, and so on. It is far easier to win when using these bets, and ultimately the aim should be to win consistently rather than to hit one huge win.

Treat Betting Systems with Caution

There are many betting systems that can be used when playing Roulette. In general, there are three types of betting systems, flat betting, negative progressions, and positive progressions. Flat betting systems simply require you to bet the same amount continually.Positive progression systems require you to increase your bet after a win and decrease it after a loss and the reverse is true of a negative progression system.

You may have heard of some of the more famous betting systems, such as the Martingale, the Paroli, and the Labouchere. Each of these systems has its own advantages and disadvantages, and they can all go a long way to helping you manage your bankroll and keep playing for longer. However, none of them will ever guarantee that you win and no matter what system you are using, you could still lose all your money in a losing streak. Furthermore, when using a betting system always remember to take table betting limits into account. If the system requires you to increase your bet frequently, you need to make sure that you are not going to exceed a table’s maximum bet (or your budget). 

Don’t Believe in Lucky Numbers

Many people will talk about having a lucky number or something similar. It is important that when you play Roulette online you recognise that the wheel is completely unbiased. This means that on every spin there is an equal chance of the ball landing on any of the numbers.

Similarly, avoid the gambler’s fallacy. If you are on a losing streak, unfortunately it does not mean that you are in for a big win. Thinking this way is known as the gambler’s fallacy, and there is no truth to it whatsoever. Roulette is a completely random game; the outcome of one spin has no bearing whatsoever on the outcome of the next.

Many Roulette games will show you ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers and various other statistics about previous spins. While these may be interesting, as explained, they are actually completely useless to planning your bets. The odds do not change from spin to spin and the results of previous rounds tell you nothing.

If you ensure that you always approach Roulette with rational thinking then it will help you avoid losing all of your money.

Plan Your Bankroll Carefully

This is true no matter what game you are playing. Good bankroll management will ensure that gambling always remains fun and it should also make your funds go further, so that you can play for longer.

Before you start to play, you should consider how long you would like to play for. You can then get an idea of how many rounds you are likely to play. If you are playing a live roulette game then you will probably be playing around 50 rounds an hour, RNG games will be faster than this. Essentially, you should roughly work out how many rounds you want to play and then divide your budget by that amount to work out what you can afford to bet per round.

For example, if you are playing Live Roulette and have a budget of $100 for an hour’s play, then you should be betting something in the region of $2 per round. With a bit of luck, you will win some money while playing, but to prevent you losing it all again it is a good idea to impose a win limit. For example, you may decide to stop playing when you have made a profit of $50. Alternatively, you may set that $50 aside and keep playing with $2 bets.

The most basic rule is to never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. However, if you properly manage your bankroll, you will also be able to play for longer while avoiding financial difficulties.

Don’t Be Scared of Trying New Games

Casino game developers are continually coming up with new variants of casino classics, including Roulette. Thanks to this, you can find many different version of Roulette to play beyond the three standard ones explained above. Some Roulette games may offer progressive jackpots while others use special wheels or even two wheels. There are versions of Roulette with bonus games, and far more.

If you enjoy Roulette, then you can have a huge amount of fun exploring all of these different variants. While some may appear confusing or daunting at first, you will find that they don’t take long to understand. Take the time to read the rules and then give the games a try, you are sure to find some that you love.


Roulette is a huge amount of fun and a very exciting game. As with any form of gambling, there is no way of guaranteeing that you will win. However, there are ways of minimising your losses. Hopefully, with the help of the above tips you can now begin to do just that and have more fun than ever before playing this true casino classicat Queenplay casino.

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