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Must-Have Phone Apps for 2023

If you go to any of the app stores, for either Android or iOS, you going to be faced with so many options your head will spin. Every day, numerous new apps are released onto the marketplace. So choosing the best one for your needs may seem an impossible task. With so many choices available it's easy to succumb to “choice paralysis”, an inability to choose for fear of making the wrong choice. Today we thought to take a look at the best trending apps for both iOS and Android that are available in 2023. Discover apps for such things as business, sports, photography, and of course, online casino games.

Business Apps for Work on the Go


Thanks to the convenience of the mobile phone, more and more people are doing business using this device exclusively. This isn't just because working from home is on the rise, but also due to the fact that technology now allows more people to communicate without the need for a cumbersome PC or a laptop. Below we've listed some of the most essential business apps available today:


Microsoft 365


Search any of the app stores for office software and you'll face a huge variety of choices. There will also be massive differences between both the features on offer as well as price point. However, the old Microsoft Office 365, which was recently rebranded as Microsoft 365, is one of the best. As you expect, it is available for both iOS and Android devices and comes with all the functionality necessary for running a business, including PowerPoint, Word and Excel. There are also online backups via One Drive and Workspace, as well as chat, videoconferencing, app integration and file storage, which are all handled by Microsoft Teams.




Asana is without doubt one of the best project management apps available today. Utilising the app you’ll be able to create tasks, reminders, due dates, comments, instructions and to-do lists. When it comes to tracking from remote workplaces, as well as boosting productivity, you'll find Asana to be an easy-to-use practical tool. Furthermore, there's a free Basic tier version and a paid Premier one. Many businesses go for the latter, simply because it features unlimited usage and functionality features.




Of all the hundreds of payment processors available to customers worldwide, PayPal has proved to be one of the most simple and effective for individual payments and major e-commerce platforms. All you need is an email address and an API key to get started. For small businesses, you have a no monthly fee web payment standard. Keep in mind that there will be transaction fees that are dependent on sales volume. If you take a look at the payment page of virtually any online entity, you’ll see that it features a PayPal option. As a result, most shopping carts are programmed to support it. You can also use PayPal with subscription payments, along with additional features such as in-store payments with a card reader and much more. In addition, PayPal is transparent and there are no hidden costs.


Photography Apps for a Professional Finish


Today's smartphones feature some amazing camera technology. There’s now a huge array of lenses and photographic options that make regular digital cameras almost redundant. Whether you’re a budding amateur or a professional, it's perfectly feasible to take great pictures and videos, as well as store them, with just your mobile phone.


Camera +2


If you're looking for an app to make great photos on your smartphone then you can't go wrong with Camera +2. For a start, it’ll allow you to take photos in RAW files when in manual mode. A whole host of other creative modes are available, including macro and slow shutter. Furthermore, Camera +2 features powerful editing tools along with a number of creative filters.


Adobe Lightroom Mobile


First, there was Adobe Lightroom, which was one of the top editing tools for photographers around the world. Unfortunately, Adobe Lightroom was purely a desktop version and as such, was incompatible with portable devices. Now with Lightroom Mobile, everything has changed and you can edit your mobile photos with exactly the same precision as if you are working on your PC. Furthermore, Lightroom Mobile’s camera feature also allows you to shoot in RAW format, which is essential for retaining all the detail in both the bright and dark areas of your photos.


Sun Surveyor


You may hear veteran photographers, especially those who are into landscape photography, talk about the “golden hour” and the “blue hours.” These are the perfect lighting conditions that occur just before the sun sets and just after it rises. This app is able to take your location and show how the sun, moon and the Milky Way will appear using augmented reality. It also features a useful 3D compass along with an interactive map.


Sports Apps to Keep You Up to Date


Sports apps work as great shortcuts allowing you access to updates, news and the latest scores with regard to your favourite sports team, events, as well as historical data. If your sports bettor, these apps are essential, as they will keep you up-to-date with what's happening on a minute-by-minute basis.


CBS Sports


Using a sports app from one of the world's biggest news media organisations is going to be a great choice. What's even better is that, even though CBS sports is a US-based company, they cover practically all international sports as well. This means that you can check out a game that's taking place anywhere else in the world from the comfort of your sofa at home. The design of the app is extremely user-friendly, allowing you to check your favourite players and teams, as well as receive live-stream sports programmes.


The Bleacher Report


The Bleacher Report is a great app for sports lovers as it features breaking news and live scores. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find more in-depth articles about anything sporting that might interest readers. By downloading the app you are able to receive personalised stories, get all the inside information about your favourite team, as well as access international news.


ESPN Fantasy Football


Fantasy sports have taken off over the last decade or so and are now big business across the globe. By utilising the ESPN Fantasy Football app, you’ll be able to control the destiny of your own football team. Furthermore, there are customisable rosters and live drafts enabling you to manage your team better. Finally, there's a great chat function that allows you to speak to other fantasy managers at the beginning of the league. There's also plenty of streamed sports analysis.


Online Gaming Apps to Keep You Playing


There is such a massive selection of gaming apps available in every category that choosing one simply comes down to personal preference. Following on from that, we've chosen our favourite gaming apps:


80 Days


This is a fantastic action-adventure game that originally came out way back in 2014. Here you take on unexpected dangers where you need to solve puzzles and keep secrets. It comes with stunning 3D visuals that are combined with a wonderful narrative. Furthermore, the gameplay is effortless, and with a great soundtrack in the background, it makes a great game you'll be unable to put down.




In Crashlands, you'll find yourself in an action adventure role-playing video game. As you make your way to the landscape are you able to fight and tame aliens using powerful weapons that you pick up on your journey. You are faced with a huge number of challenges as you work your way through all the missions in this thrilling action-packed game. With crisp captivating cartoony graphics, as well as a brilliant soundscape, you’ll have a wonderful time.


Online Casinos Apps to Keep You Winnings


Thanks to ever-increasing internet speeds, as well as improvements in web browser technology, fewer online casinos are using casino apps these days. One of the main reasons is that an app for iOS is incompatible with Android and vice versa. So the vast majority of online casinos, including Queenplay, offer a mobile optimised version of their website. This can be accessed directly within your browser, independent of the type of operating system that’s running on your mobile device. Not only will the casino games feature high-quality graphics and sound, but also offer a gaming experience that has been optimised to create an easy-to-use interface on the mobile’s screen. This is all coupled with the highest level of internet security to ensure that both your banking and personal details remain secure.


Simply by registering at Queenplay Casino, you'll discover a huge games lobby chock full of all types of gambling games including slots and table games, along with many live dealer titles. Even better, they're all available to play within your mobile internet browser. The fact that there's no need to download a separate app means you can fire up your phone and start playing and having fun instantly.




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