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Fabulous Christmas Party Outfits for Women

Decisions, decisions! What to wear on Christmas Day is something most women will consider in the lead up to the big day. Along with the cheer of Christmas Day and the opening of presents in the morning, some of us will be busy preparing the family meal. Laster in the day, with our stomachs full we can then sit down and relax while watching a Christmas classic and enjoying something to drink.

Finding the right attire means choosing something that will provide comfort when relaxing but also be functional. Alternatively, you may be invited to a friends Christmas party or your works Christmas party so you will want to generate that wow factor.

Blouses and Shirts: An easy way to maximise the simplest of looks is to consider opting for a blouse or shirt this Christmas. An alternative to wearing a dress you will always look great with a stylish blouse or shirt.

Blouses and shirts are functional to wear during the day and evening and there is no end to designs and colours that can be chosen. You could go for a blue high neck top and you can easily add some sparkle to Christmas by reaching for sequins or glitter to help get you in the mood. Alternatively, you may find an appropriate Christmas design that will raise a smile, although mind you don’t blend in too much with the traditional decorations.

Blouses and shirts match easily together with a skirt, pair of jeans or even trousers to create a classical feel and look when sat together around the table with the family.

Skirts: The whole wardrobe opens up when selecting a skirt for Christmas. You have the option of several styles and colours and as mentioned, they go great with silky blouses, sequin shirts and cami tops.

You can opt for whatever length you feel comfortable in, be it short, knee length or full length, the latter a winner for when it’s that time to get up and dance as it swirls with your movements. If you are more comfortable wearing a skirt rather than trousers, your femininity will shine through and they are suitable for all Christmas occasions.

If you choose a more dazzling silky blouse or a sequin shirt perhaps you could choose a faux leather skirt. If you are looking at the skirt being the centre of attention with your outfit, how about a tartan design with a one tone top. Red is also a suggesting colour and a flared red skirt will go well with a well fitted t-shirt or lace blouse. If you are afraid the weather will be too cold to wear a skirt, then you can also wear a cardigan and some tights that match the colour of your top.

Casual, Snug and Comfortable: Not so suitable for the works Christmas party but rather being at home with the family on Christmas Day. You will be on your feet for most of the morning and early afternoon so comfort is paramount. What’s more you can dress up so you will not be feeling the cold the winter brings.

Keeping things simple and easy, wear a pair of jeans with a Christmas jumper that will place you in the spirit of the time of year. If you didn’t get a Christmas jumper from Santa, a stylish cashmere knitted jumper will be comfortable. If you don’t want to wear jeans then pull on some leggings that will be ultra-versatile during the rush and also for relaxing.

If you were unlucky not to get that Christmas jumper then surely you will have opened a present containing a onesie. Now the rush is over slip into your onesie and sit with a glass of red by the open roaring fire and watch a Christmas classic on TV.

Accessories: Whatever event you are going to, what outfit you wear and your hairstyle will help to determine the choice of accessories. If you are attending a Christmas function then your hair will likely be down for the evening. Compliment your dress or outfit with a nice necklace. Decide on earrings, whether a larger set or studded set will co-ordinate best with your evening dress. Gold jewellery and a gold handbag are always a favourite at Christmas as it easily compliments pretty colours, and combinations of darker shades of Christmas.

If celebrating with the family on Christmas Day you will need to have flexibility if your hair is long. You will be running to check the cooking, playing games and having time to relax. Have a scrunchie at the ready to tie your hair up when it is needed. At home you can always enter the Christmas spirit and get some seasonal accessories to add to the fun.

Dresses: Maintaining comfort is key when selecting your dress for Christmas events. When cooking the Christmas dinner, and then sitting and eating your meal, you will want to be able to feel comfortable.

For organised events away from home you will want to feel special and stand out in the crowd. You can consider a sparkling sequin cocktail dress that will have the wow factor or, a gold twist front midi dress with which you choose heels or knee-high boots. In the event of indecision, go for a simple small black dress that will suit any event and you can have more fun in selecting your shoes and accessories. With all the food and drink being served, white may not be an appropriate colour to wear, so stick with more traditional Christmas colours like gold, silver, red and green.  

Trousers: A practical choice for a Christmas party that is versatile and makes you feel comfortable, especially those with an elasticated waistband. Wide legged trousers are fashionable and will make your legs look longer. You may wish to have lighter colours but the look will give you respect.

Another comfortable feel for Christmas is velvet that has its own soft warm texture. Tartan or plaid can also give you that special look with a Christmas red or a blue and green pattern.

Jumpsuits: You will create a highly fashionable and elegant look wearing a jumpsuit at Christmas time. Jumpsuits can be equally glamorous as a long dress and are fun to accessorize and look good with sandals and a clutch, if you are brave enough to wear sandals at this time of year.

They may not be so practical when nature calls; however, the look will make you stand out in the crowd. Jumpsuits usually come in one colour and suit almost all body types. You can decide upon a bright colour or a neutral shade.

Jumpsuits are designed in all sorts of manners, with legs to fit or, slit to give the leggy effect. Up the top of the body, choose from strapless, cowl front or back, V-neck or high neck, you just need to find the one that makes you shine.

Have a great time this Christmas, be it at the work party or at home, make sure you dress to make yourself dazzle and bring out your personality.

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