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7 Easy Ways to Change Your Life and That of a Loved One

We all strive to do our best in life which is not easy given the daily challenges faced. Challenges such as your career, feeding and caring for the family, health, children, education, keeping the car roadworthy, paying taxes, shopping, cleaning, the list is endless.

As the New Year approaches, we start to reignite those emotions and think about what will be the best resolution for the coming year. However, all too often, the New Year comes along and despite our best endeavours, we slip back onto that daily treadmill. It might be something simple that breaks the momentum of the resolution. Suddenly you find yourself losing the routine through an invite to a birthday of a close friend, attending a children’s school event or the car needs to go to the mechanics to be fixed.

Well, let us not complicate our wishes for the New Year despite. It is easy to make and implement some small changes in your lifestyle that are not overly time consuming. Not only this, but you can make some small changes that can, at the same time, help to change someone else’s life. This sounds great, not only are you reinventing that feel good factor but you are potentially giving a helping hand to someone else.

Save Energy in Your Home

There are several ways to implement energy saving hacks into your home. Some may be more expensive than others but why leave everything running at full blast all of the time? We take electricity for granted and eventually it takes us for granted, as the monthly or quarterly invoice comes crashing through the letterbox. What’s more it tends to ever so slowly become more expensive over a period of time.

So what options are available? Some cheaper alternatives may be easily implemented inside your house or apartment:

  • A draft stopper is a relatively cheap installation placed at the bottom of your door to stop circulation of colder and warmer air between rooms, or to the outside, reducing the need for heating.
  • Pack the unused space in your freezer with ice bags or even newspaper. When you open the door to retrieve what you need, less cold air escapes. When the door is closed, the freezer will not have to work so hard to reach the set temperature.
  • Air dry your clothes rather than use the sapping energy of the tumble dryer.
  • Turn off the power strip each evening before bed so electricity is not arriving at the TV, stereo or game station.
  • Simply wear more clothes and turn the heating down.
  • Make sure you are using the most energy saving bulbs for your lighting and switch the lights off when they are not needed.

Some of the more expensive options may require investment into your home:

  • Insulation of the floor, walls, and ceiling voids and roof can be expensive but effective in the saving of energy costs.
  • Upgrade your current draughty window fittings with higher quality thermal dynamics.
  • Go green and install solar panels to your house especially if the sun is a regular presence.

Saving energy not only benefits you but is a benefit to everybody in times of global warming.

Adopt or Foster a Pet / Animal

A pet is not just for Christmas, it is for life. Unfortunately, people who want to own a pet may find they do not have the motivation, space or patience to look after one properly, and sometimes the animal is abused.

If you have desire, space in your home and spare time to look after a dog or cat, you can consider providing temporary shelter. You might be adopting an animal that is a puppy or kitten, an adult, one nearing the end of its lifespan or one that has medical needs. In doing so, not only are you helping the animal that needs care and attention, you are helping an animal shelter increase their capacities and ultimately helping the pet find a new home for some loving owners.

If you have a small apartment or work long hours you should think twice before applying for fostering or adoption. As mentioned, not only will you be helping the animal, you will be supporting the great work of an animal sanctuary. When new owners are found they may later share their happiness with you about their new addition to the family. You can also consider donating money or volunteering at the local animal sanctuary to get that feel good factor. You may ultimately decide to have a friend for life.

Ride a Bicycle or Walk:

The convenience of your car for small journeys? Grab your car keys, jump in, start the engine and as if by magic you are there, only if you can find a parking space while stopping for petrol on the way and not to mention the traffic. If the car is not necessary for the journey, jump on your bike or walk. Not only will you be saving expense and exercising, you will be saving the environment as well. Find the time to take in the locality at a more leisurely pace.

Coach Somebody

Whether it is in a professional capacity or as a hobby, coaching and mentoring somebody is very valuable to them and rewarding for you. For example, in your workplace you could support a recently employed graduate to help them become responsible and achieve their professional qualifications. This can benefit you as well with an employee providing a more ethical approach and higher quality work resulting in more business and fees. Alternatively, you could teach language somebody who has recently moved to your country and wants to become fluent. You can learn about their culture and make a new friend. Another option is coaching youngsters a sport that you love; not only will you have pleasure watching their skills improve and compete against others, but you can also maintain your fitness levels.

Compliment Someone

Having a bad day? Perhaps you are, but so may somebody else and it takes little effort to pay a compliment. ‘I’m glad I know you’, ‘you have the courage of your convictions’, ‘those glasses look great on you’ the options are endless. Not only will you brighten up that person’s day but you will also feel better in yourself in doing so. It takes a moment and better still, it’s free and can be fun.

Recycle Waste

A simple daily chore to reduce the use of raw materials in making products. Collect those plastic and glass bottles and take them to the recycling bin. Shred your waste paper and dispose of it so it can be re-used. Take those spent batteries and pop them in the battery bin situated inside your local grocery store. Rebrand your cupboard with new clothes and if the old ones are still in decent condition, take them to the nearest charity shop. Take your Christmas tree to the local council drop off point so it can be turned into mulch. Throw old food on the compost heap and fertilise your garden. The list is endless. Somebody will be in need of clothing especially the poor or the homeless and you will also be helping others by maintaining the environment. You may even get a smile off Greta for all your troubles!

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